The draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan and the council’s Schedule of Proposed Changes will be examined in public by an inspector from April 2  at the Civic Centre, Trowbridge.

The Plans for the supply of land for future housing will be reviewed at the examination hearings.

The plan proposes allocation of new sites for housing and to maintain a five-year housing land supply in each of Wiltshire’s three Housing Market Areas of Chippenham, Trowbridge and Salisbury up to 2026.

The council states: “Housing growth is a government priority and all local authorities must prepare plans to identify sites for development.”

The plan builds on the framework already provided by the long-term Wiltshire Core Strategy, which details planning policy and overall principles for development in Wiltshire.

Much of the housing growth for Wiltshire has been identified but the proposed plan brings forward more sites to ensure the scale of growth is appropriate for the county and managed and directed in the most sustainable locations.

The agenda for the public hearing sessions, a list of details and questions used to examine the soundness of the plan focus on key aspects including the evidence prepared to support the proposed housing allocations.